Effective Best Hair Removal For Men

Effective Best Hair Removal For Men

The time when hair removal was considered a female thing has gone by. Recent surveys show an increasing number of males showing interest in removing or reducing the amount of hair present on their person. But male hair is thicker than a female’s and his skin is also slightly tougher. This makes the method and the instrument used for the removal of female body hair slightly different than the male’s.

Methods for Hair Removal:

Researches done previously indicates that the best way for hair removal is through laser treatment. It lasts long but is more costly and the effects are permanent. Other methods would include waxing, electric razors and depilatories.  A more effective way for hair removal for men would be through the use of epilators.


An electrical device used for grasping and at the same time pulling out body hair mechanically is called an epilator.

Way of Using:

Remember tweezers? Electric razors? Waxing? Well combine those three and you may have an idea about the workings of an epilator. With twenty to forty tweezing tongs pulling out your hair while simultaneously holding your skin taut, epilators are the effective way of removing hair independently. You simply have to hold it and it does all the work.

Effective Best Hair Removal For Men


  • Skin is left smooth and soft without a hint of prickly stubble and just the minimum time and effort exerted.
  • As compared to waxing, epilators are much less painful, although this epilator review varies from person to person.
  • While in comparison with razors, epilators definitely have an upper hand. In epilation the hair is sucked out from the root whereas razors only cut the surface.
  • The results can last upto weeks and according to some customers’ epilator reviews, a whole month can go by without much stubble.

Best Brands of Epilators:

The function might be the same but different brands offer their own uniqueness to their brand of epilators. The following are considered the best epilators according to recent epilator reviews:

  • EmjoiEmagine 4Men Epilator Model AP-18ms.
  • Braun 7681 Silk-Epil 7 Xpressive Pro Epilator.
  • Panasonic ES-WD54.

For Decreasing Pain During Usage:

However much we want technology to advance, so newer methods to lessen our daily pains and irritations can be discovered, removing hair still does come with a pinch. Whether it be waxing, threading, electrolysis or epilating. But try we must and below are given some ways to avoid as much pain as one can avoid during the procedure. Take care while bringing these methods to use as they have been collected from different epilator reviews from customers.

  • For the tiny hair to stand attention and be easier to pick out and be uprooted from their source, applying baby powder is recommended.
  • If after epilating a patch of skin the user experiences red soreness, he should rub an ice cube over it. This numbs the skin and dulls the soreness.
  • Taking a hot shower and then drying off with a hot towel helps soften your skin and open up your pores which in turn makes the hair pulling process that much easier.
  • Some have been know to jerk their body when epilating, try not to do this as it could result in a pulled muscle or at worst a slipped disks, which is easily done


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