Fashion In The Modern World

Fashion is the trend growing in this modern world. Fashion is nothing but the growing trend in this modern world. Fashion gives enjoyment to the people. Now a day is the trend to say all the changes are happenings are began of fashion. In olden days there is not a word of fashion. This word is a new trend. Fashion is the word often spoken by the teen ages.

 In olden days the women used to wear traditional dress, but due to the improvement in the technology and science women are started to go out to work. They are standing on their own legs, they are educated and earning for their own and also lifting up their family. So the women feel that those traditional dresses are not that much suits for them to travelling from one place to another place for working. So they change themselves in wearing salwars, jeans, t-shirts, leggings, pant and many more. These products give them more comfortable during their travelling time. This is also a fashion to wear all those above products. They are also started to use cosmetics items to show them attractive, this is also due to the growing fashion in this world. Women started to straighten their hairs and most of the girls are going out with loose hair this is one of the growing fashion among the teen ages and youth girls. They are also going to the parlors to explore their beauty and to make themselves bolder.

Fashions In Men

fashion mens

To say about the fashion, there is not only the change in the women but also the men are also changed due to the fashion. They have changed themselves in wearing the old traditional dresses. The men are wearing the pants and shirts; they are also wearing the 3/4th pant, shots and many more. Their life style has been changed. There are many changes in this world all are due to the improvement in the technology and science. When there is a change in the technology the culture followed by the men and women and also in the functions, cultural festivals are changed. All the improvement s in the technology and science as brought a great change in the modern world, it brought up the fashion. Fashion gives a unique happiness to the person, who follows it. We have seen the fashion shows in the televisions, this also due to the fashion.

Fashions In Homes

 Some of the people have the fashion to make their house beauty by using the all wooden materials. This is one of the fashions among the people. As they used to make their house with interior works items. Even the doors in all the houses are also decorated with the designs in a great manner. This is one of the fashions followed in many houses. The other important thing to say about fashion is that the using up of smart phones and services. Wherever we go using up of smart mobile phone is very important for the people, thinking about the fashion.

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